I’m modeling my wide-brimmed sunhat and loomed turquoise halter. (6/10)

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Red appears to be the popular color for summer 2017. Moreover, straw sunhats include wide-brim sun hats, cowboy hats, Panama, fedora, straw visor, raffia hat, Mirasol, beret, Louis hat, and floppy hat. The site listed every style of hat, but they forgot the sombrero. Some of these hats have an added detailing, such as fringe on the ends of the brim, colorful scarf or ribbon around the top of the hat, and little items dangling around the brim. If you already own a simple straw hat, then you can add your own detailing, whether placing a pretty scarf, which matches your outfit, around the top of the hat or maybe looming a yarn bracelet that is long enough to go around the top of the hat.

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