Milano Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

  1. The red coat is worn in a monochromatic red outfit. I could wear red monochromatic if I felt like it, but it is usually too much red for me and I need to break the red bloodbath with an accent color, color-blocking, or a neutral color.
  2. Sheer Dresses–perfect for eveningwear and cocktail parties.
  3. Corduroy—monochromatic camel, black, or browns. I think corduroy clothing is a classic for Fall and Winter.
  4. Shiny glitter–is a fun accent for the holidays.
  5. Fur–I think I will stick to fake fur.

As I watched the scenes in this video of Milano, Italy, I remember the summer of 1986, when I went there with my late mother, who recently died last week. That courtyard in the video is so huge, filled with cute pigeons, and it is surrounded by expensive boutiques as well as the huge cathedral. We walked a lot in Milano, and I liked checking out ornate and antique architecture. I think that the architecture in Italy looks like art sculptures.

This video lists that top 5 trends at the Milano Fashion Week runway show. It is similar to the Paris Fashion Week runway show in that there is also some animal slaughter fashions.  My favorites in this list are corduroy and sheer fashions, but I still like wearing red and shiny glitter as accents. And, I do have some fake fur items.


What do you think?

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  1. Sorry about your mother, my condolences. I agree with the fur, fake fur is just as well. My mother passed away in September, I got to go through her closets and found a fur coat. I leave in the closet. Ill never wear it, but I cannot part with it either. I loved the video and it looks like monochromatic schemes are “in” this fall again.

    • I know. I need to go through the house and get some stuff i need or want for memories that I can fit in my townhouse, but my loser retarded brothers want to appraise stuff and make money. so, i dont know how much stuff i will be able to take. i should have probably taken stuff earlier, when she was still alive, but I didn’t have the energy and i was busy with other stuff. so, I just hope those retarded brothers just cooperate and shut up so we can all get through all this and move on.

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