Fall/Winter Lookbook 2017 Part 2

As I watched this video, I thought about the items in my wardrobe to list some items that might fit in each trend.

  1. Patent leather—I like patent items but without the leather. I am not sure if I still have some patent items. I remember I used to when I was younger.
  2. Shoulder pads—I have some from the 80s, and that is enough shoulder pads for me.
  3. Winter florals—I might have some.
  4. Fringes—I probably have one or two accessories.
  5. Space Patterns—I do have 1 shiny space pattern leggings.
  6. Oversized knits—I think I have some big sweaters.
  7. Monochromatic pink—I can do monochromatic pink.
  8. Patchwork—this reminds me of Holly Hobbie. I think I have 2 or 3 items.
  9. Lace—I have some lace.
  10. Slogans on clothes—I have a couple of these.


What do you think?


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    • It probably started in my younger years, probably teen and 20s, when I used to browse through fashion magazines to get interesting ideas. But I had noticed that I mostly saw crazy things, wondering to myself, who would wear these in public? I think these days they have been getting more practical, even with crazy and wild things, because they are trying to make money and sell things to the public.

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