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Create a Feng Shui Purse in 10 Easy Steps

A Feng Shui purse is an organized purse, whether it has various compartments to properly organize your items, or you can add small pouches and wallets to organize your money, coins, cards, and other must-have small items.

Step 1: Always maintain your purse by keeping it clean.

Step 2: Never place your purse on the floor.

Step 3: Keep loose coins inside a small pouch or wallet.

Step 4: Energize your purse with good luck charms. (Interesting because I already do that. I have little good luck charms inside a small pouch and coin purse, in which I carry it with me in my purse).

Step 5: Add small necessary items, such as bobby pin, safety pin, dental floss, pen and pad, small knife, and sanitary pads, in case of an emergency.

Step 6: Place keys at a location inside the purse where you can easily find it, whether at small hooks or in one of the pockets.

Step 7: Buy a practical purse that fits your personal lifestyle.

Step 8: Buy a purse in a wealthy color, such as black, blue, red, white, or metallic color.

Step 9: Buy a purse that you really love.

Step 10: Organize your wallet


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  1. That was great advice! I always try to stay organized, but it is very difficult to stay that way when you are always out and about. I just found a perfect purse that I love very much, Kate Spade. It has enough room to carry a wallet, keys, some makeup, an umbrella, and some cameras that I like to use more often than the others. (Holga might be dead, but I have the others!)

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