Do You Have Money to Burn?

Richness is what people aspire for. They are so lucky enough to squander their money. It varies from one person to another. Personal interest takes its role in how elite people use their money. Famous celebrities and politicians are always in the spotlight. It has been evident in magazines, blogs, news on TV and the like. For the people who read and heard about it, they always think of what’s life of being in high-class lifestyle. It is simple for them to burn the money out of nothing.

On the other hand, some people think that these elite personalities should burn the money for a good purpose. It has been better to share the blessings with the needy. The money is worth using in certain programs to combat poverty. But then, this kind of program should be attainable and sustainable. There are some non-government organizations (NGOs) had laid down their platform of projects. However, it turned out to be unsuccessful.


Money donations are not ideal to be given. It should be in a form of community projects. Basically, the local people should be involved in implementing their own community projects. At least, they are able to monitor the progress of these projects. The downside of giving donations, it is not guaranteed that will be sustainable in the form of accomplishing the documents needed to have the allocations of the budget.

There are some NGOs require the local people to learn the process. In reality, some local people are not educated. The bottom line, they still need the assistance of NGOs to obtain necessary requirements. Training is the best thing to deal with it. But then, it is still too much for the local people. Because they are also busy doing things to provide something for their family. However, elite people should consider burning their money with a good cause.


What do you think?


Written by Shavkat

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