What's the Difference? Can you tell me…

Can you tell me the differences in the two photos below? 

All you have to do is spot the differences, easy right? I will post the answers in two days on Tuesday the 21st. 

Note:       ~~~ The rules have changed ~~~

Rules: List up to 10 differences in the comment section below the first day, today Sunday November 18th. (This means as many as you can up to 10 but no more than 10.) If you would like to list more than 10 objects then add those to your comment in the reply section on the second day which will be on Monday November 18th. If you catch this on Monday go ahead and list as many as you can. Remember to have fun!! 

I have manipulated the second photograph by taking away 14 objects. I have added 4 objects. I have changed 3 objects. 

Bonus tip, I added two pictures of my wolfdog Meika! Find Meika too! 

First photograph is the original:

Now for my edited version:

Have fun and check out tomorrows Spot the Difference Game! My hashtag for these kind of games is #kimsgames 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. I saw the

    1) Wear to ear
    2) 9998 to 9999
    3) 414 to 411
    4) Inner metal rim of wheel
    5) The black BBQ thingy at the top of building
    6) beside the Ditch bakery sign, a round thingy
    7) OMG! You murdered the little girl!! Her head is gone!! Poor dad doesn’t know…
    8) and why did you blind the white horse? His eyes are gone.
    9) oh and you deaf the dog too … you removed his ear?
    10) You must be quite violent, the building got cut off too… LOL
    11) and you pull out that poor stock of tiny grass at the bottom of the wall, below the hind legs of the first black horse
    12) the couple below (outside) the dutch bakery must be killed by you too… they’re gone.
    13 Shoes to here
    14) the white house at the corner of the wall is gone, is there a tornado?
    15) is that a white cat below where the white house is supposed to be?

    Okay, I’m tired … that’s all

  2. 1. Missing W in Wear
    2. Missing ear on dog
    3. Phone number different 700
    4. Words different WEAR vs EARS
    5. White horse rider missing bottom half of leg
    6. White horse rider missing left arm
    7. Missing couple in doorway far right
    8. Missing head girl on shoulders far left
    9. Missing rim on bottom rear tire
    10. 2 pics of Meika behind last horse in front of car


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