US President nominated Brett Kavanaugh as Justice of Supreme Court

US President Donald Trump nominated Brett Michael Kavanaugh as Supreme Court judge. The President, Donald Trump, named Brett Michael Kavanaugh, as Supreme Court judge as the best choice.

In his tweet on the social networking website, the US President announced his nomination Brett Michael Kavanaugh, saying that he was the best candidate for the Supreme Court.

Brett Michael Kavanaugh , currently serving as judge in Colombia district court,and before that, he has been a consultant of former President George W. Bush.  Kavanaugh nomination will have far-reaching effect in the US, and to see if Kavanaugh is able to help  Donald trump in difficulty due to restrictions on arms and shelter rules.

Be clear that Justice Anthony Kennedy announced the retirement this year, after which the American President nominated 53-year-old Bret Michael Kavanaugh. Experts are declaring this for anonymity to avoid criticism on the strict rules of asylum.


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