Have a Twisted Family Guy Xmas!

Saturday, 12.16.17

Surprisingly, I woke up at 9:30 am today, and I worked on my graphic novel. After my lunch, I decided to get my haircut because my hair looks like shit. So, I went to the Woodbridge Supercuts, and I decided on a bob, but I soon realized there are many bob versions and I don’t really know the title for each bob. So, I just asked for a regular bob with bangs. Then, while chatting the woman to make sure it is the bob I wanted, I realized I need layers with my bob because I have fine hair. After she finished, I realized it looks different from the last bob I had, in which I soon found out that the last bob was called the A-Line Bob. (I just didn’t know the name to ask for that bob). Anyway, this layered bob looks good too, and it is different for a change. As I was driving home, I noticed that the time was 3:33 pm. When I arrived home, I decided to henna my gray hair, which is mostly in the roots area, and it barely shows, unless the wind blows my hair around or something. Plus, the henna is conditioner as well as it adds extra body. Now, I have to stay busy for a couple of hours until I rinse off the henna before bedtime.

I went downstairs to watch some YouTube videos, and the Family Guy Xmas videos got my attentions. So, I decided to add five short videos on here for a Family Guy Twisted Christmas.


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