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Christmas Tree competition

There are no trees on the island of Fuerteventura, they were cut down by Spanish colonists in the Middle Ages. When I saw a dried-up tree adorned with toys in a small village on a rocky coast ( photo was sent by my friend who we visited there a few months ago), I felt a strange feeling.

Then I remembered the crazy race of our cities, and the hundreds of thousands of Euros spent on it that were competing for the most beautiful Christmas Tree title, as well as hundreds of frustrated comments that their Tree didn’t win.

The spirit and faith of Christmas become a measurable thing. The units of vision vary – beauty, size, price. Better toy, bigger and more ornate fir, more expensive gift.

I wish you a real Christmas. Put love and warmth under the fir branch. Wrap it with your smile and it will sparkle with thousands of stars. Give everyone the most precious thing you have – time! To your neighbor, your friends, and yourself. Have a nice upcoming holiday everyone!

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