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Have you already finished with Christmas Gifts?

What is behind the joy, word so often repeated this time of year? Not so much glitter, not so much Christmas trees, gifts or flashing lights, but how we accept it, how it fills us, and how much we give it all to others.

When I get home late after a long day at work and my man, tired the same as me,  makes me as many cups of tea as I only wish, never forgetting to mix a good pinch of love and attention into it, I feel how the Holidays is coming through the nasty weather.

I absolutely do not pay attention to the yelling about rainy days, cheap goods, discounts at malls because it is irrelevant to me and will not damage my festive mood. I am happy that some years ago, I refused the tradition to run from one mall to another searching for gifts. All my gifts now are intangible. And it saved a lot of time.

 Today again is not like the day of winter. But inside of me is Christmas. 

And I am feeling indescribably good that even in the darkest places of life, there is always some joy, and we still can to infect others with that joy. Let’s lighten up the spirit of joy!

On the way to my office, today I captured this newly decorated tree. It looks like more and more people are feeling Christmas inside. 

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