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The Out There Festival is once again hugely popular


For a weekend in September, usually the 3rd weekend, a company called SeaChange Arts puts on the Out There Festival in Great Yarmouth, England.  It’s been running for a number of years now and always proves to be hugely popular.  Some of the roads are blocked off for the weekend, and the main park in the town is full with all different kinds of acts and dance routines and all sorts of weird and wonderful acts and routines.

As you can see from the video, the night is alight with daring fire acts parading through the town.  There are several acts and shows that are spread around the town at certain times of the day.  A timetable of events is easily accessible with what is going on over the weekend.  Thankfully, the weather remained dry and sunny and relatively warm.  This, of course, has been good as it has brought the people out.  Personally, I think this is fantastic and always so much fun and entertainment.


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  1. Its great if you can get in and out with no trouble. We have this type of thing in Auckland but most avoid the traffic, because of no parking, not great public transport and the time it takes to return home.
    Our present govt is spending money to improve our infrastructure but its taking a while.

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