Spot the Difference!

Hi all, here is my last spot the difference games for a while. There will be more fun games to come  that you can find using my hashtag #kimsgames  

The rules are easy, its simple. 

Just find up to 10 differences in the 20 that I have made in the 2nd photo. List them in the comment section! I will post the answers on Friday! Have fun. 

The original.

My edited version..


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Wow I got 11:
    1. Top of wall raised at top left
    2. Tree lost its trunk, bottom left
    3. Traffic cone gone, bottoem left
    4. A 4th clock/dial added, bottom middle
    5. ‘No parking’ sign added in front of car, lower right-middle
    6. AC unit disappeared, upper middle
    7. Panel added at front of lean-to roof, upper left
    8. S of Vista reversed over window
    9. Under dial, 204 > 202
    10. Under dial, 206 > 202
    11. In the arch behind the couple, the trees have grown!
    And I’ll stop now and not be too greedy! 😀
    I love these games, Kim, and I’m looking forward to whatever you come back with!

  2. DO NOT READ THIS!! It contains spoilers!! LOL

    1) Window panel at the top small “house” are gone.
    2) Extra ventilation window in the middle
    3) 2nd window panel (the window at the right side of the car painting) is gone
    4) guy in the car painting
    5) white round thingy on the first “brick wall plate” from the left
    6) Vista is flipped
    7) 204 to 202 on the last brick wall plate
    8) the cone
    9) the white round thingy in the middle of the window at the vista
    10) palm or coconut tree’s stem is cropped
    11) size of the front wheel rim of the car painting
    12) the left side of the building is raised.


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