Spot the DIFFERENCE Photo Game

Hello everyone, 

Glad you stopped in to see this post a little closer. I love photography and what better way than to make you all really look closely at my photographs? Joking of course. 

I have always loved these games and take a lot of pleasure in creating them as well. 

The rules are easy…Wanna play? 

I have posted two photographs of some murals in my hometown of Vista California. The first photograph is unedited and the second has 25 changes. I have added 9 things, changed 8, and took away 8.

 All you have to do to list up to 10 differences in the comment section below. 

Have fun! I will post the answers to this game on Thursday 23. 

Note: There is still time for yesterday’s game found here.

Make sure to check out my hashtag for future games #kimsgames

The original photograph of the clown..

The edited version..


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. 1. No purple center on wagon wheel
    2. Added blue star on wagon
    3. Red/white star on green shirt
    4. No pipe across red wagon
    5. Face upside down on guy behind clown shoulder
    6. Guy in green shirt two pair sunglasses
    7. Pipe not painted over bricks behind group of men
    8. Roof tiles different
    9. No arm on guy in white shirt behind clown
    10. Blue balloon has more spots


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