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Spot the Difference Photo Game

Hi all, are you ready to try a new Spot the Difference game? 

The rules are easy, in the first photograph I have posted the original photo. In the second I have made 20 changes. Post up to 10 objects in the comment section below. 

Have fun! 

Here is the original photograph below:

And my edited version:

How many did you find? 

If you like this game, there will be more to come, check out my hashtag #kimsgames for future challenges. 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. 1. No white stomach on the cat (?)
    2. No vent on the chimney above
    3. Blue round planet instead of yellow
    4. No small black dot on far right planet
    5. Purple ring completely covered on far right planet
    6. No white spots on far right planet
    7. No white spot “trail” on far right planet (in middle)
    8. No vent on roof of building far left
    9. Sun on far left has orange spot on forehead
    10. Cat (?) does not have collar in frame


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