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What prevented Marilyn Monroe from being happy? – Series of Famous People 19-01-2018

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Marilyn Monroe, the eternally smiling lady, a symbol of femininity, whose coziness and subtlety the world will always remember. She is one of the most desired and beautiful women with a successful career, unlimited possibilities, enjoying the love of my countless admirers. But in spite of her great success, she never managed to find her happiness, and in 1962 she ended her life.

The lovely Norma Jean Mortensen, whom the world knows under the name of Marilyn Monroe, was born on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles in a poor family, and one of the factors that marked her short but exciting life is her difficult childhood. She does not know her father, and her mother, Gladys, suffers from severe psychological problems. And even several times he tries to choke Marilyn with a pillow. The future great actress was raised by foster families and spent some time in an orphanage. Years after gaining worldwide popularity, Monroe reveals that she was raped shortly after she was 11 years old. Beauty finds a way out of traumatic events in her life and manages to find salvation from an orphanage home by marrying her nine-year-old merchant Jimmy Doherty. The newlyweds live in Van Nuys, where Marilyn begins working in an ammunition factory. A little later, her beauty and characteristic femininity was noticed by the photographer who was employed to shoot the working women in the factory, and from that moment the life of the remarkable lady is overturned. Norma began a successful model career and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe just before making her debut in cinema. Soon, the blonde beauty is all set to work, and her love life remains in the background, which is why only four years after her wedding with Jimmy Doherty they divorce. A few months later in 1946, she signed her first contract with a film company, but her career as an actress began in the 1950s.

One of her earliest performances in the cinema, which earns her glory, is her little role in the Asphalt Jungle drama, and later earns critical acclaim with her appearance in “Everything for Eve,” starring Claudia Casswell. In the following years, Marilyn Monroe shone brighter than the big screen and the covers of the magazines, and her name was associated with very wealthy men. Thanks to her feminine voice, her unforgettable smile and her stunning curves, she is one of Hollywood’s most famous and preferred actresses, but she has never been paid too much for her work until the last few years of her life. Marilyn is often overwhelmed by doubts about her acting talent and suffers from heavy stage fever. It’s hard to remember even the slightest replicas, which is why in the movie “Some Want It Hot” it has to repeat “I Am Shugher” in 47 doubles. Because of worries and eternal doubts in himself, Marilyn Monroe often suffers from chronic fatigue and accompanying health problems. The young actress gets many awards for her work and is definitely one of the most loved artists of all time, but she does not seem to feel the taste of her great success, and in the last years of her life she has been in serious trouble during the film’s “Something Should Happen” movie. Marilyn has been removed from the project because it has been delayed for photographs for a long time and often does not even go. According to the New York Times, the cause of her absence from the set is a disease. Just four days before the tragic August 5, 1962, she was again hired for her role in the film.

And although the life of the lovely young lady is for the most part glamorous and as if filled with happy moments, Marilyn is actually personally experiencing countless disappointments and 30 abortions. The legendary blonde gets a string of unsuccessful marriages and has a romantic relationship with some of the most remarkable men for her time – Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Yves Montagne and the theater director Elia Kazan. Maybe Marilyn’s greatest love remains Arthur Miller, the third husband of the Hollywood star. This is the longest union for Marilyn Monroe. Their marriage lasts for five years, and like other men in her life, Arthur has a strong desire to protect her and help her, even writing a role specifically for her for the film “The Neutrators.” And although their relationship is happy and romantic,it ends after a few spontaneous abortions, accepting a lot of hypnosis, and perhaps because of the actress’s very liberal spirit. Their separation leaves a painful footprint on the playwright, and years after, he still feels bitter and creates characters that resemble his former mate.

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  1. The price of fame is that celebrities have to deal with lack of privacy as the first reason for their stress and then the second reason is that they not believe that their is a light at the end of the tunnel.