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Museum Art In Paradise, Pattaya

Pictures, the main character of which – you!

I want to tell you about an unusual and very interesting place – the Art in Paradise 3D Museum. This museum can also be called an art gallery. It is a collection of paintings and 3D objects. All the works presented in the museum, with its own special “twist”. After reading about this museum on one of the sites, I immediately felt an urge to visit it.

The Art in Paradise 3D Museum is located within the city of Pattaya, not far from the famous fountain with dolphins. Our hotel in Pattaya was located just next to this fountain, and we reached the gallery on foot. Nearby is also the building of the Tiffany trance show theater and the Big C hypermarket. You can get to the museum on your own: on foot or by public transport – by tuk-tuk, taxi. Or buy an organized tour of this museum.

We bought a ticket to the gallery directly at the box office near the entrance. Adult ticket cost 500 baht. The cost of a child’s ticket depends on the height of the child. We went to the museum without a tourist group, on a weekday. There was no queue at the entrance. We were told that there were much more people on weekends because the locals also like to visit the museum.

Before entering the museum is required to remove shoes, because some of the paintings are located directly on the floor. In addition, many make photographies lying and sitting. If I had known about this beforehand, I would have taken some little socks.

The gallery consists of several huge halls, each with its own theme. The lighting is muffled everywhere. The light of the lamps is directed to the pictures, and the rest of the room is in the twilight.

The main museum’s exhibits are 3D paintings directly on the floor and walls. The first half of the gallery is dedicated to the inhabitants of the sea. Photos turned out a bit grainy due to poor lighting. It is hard to believe, but all of this is really painted.

There are even pictures that allow you to feel in the Jurassic period. You can sit on a pebble near a funny baby dinosaur and take an original photo.

One of the halls is devoted to the culture and architecture of Thailand. The feature of 3D paintings is that by standing in a certain place, you can achieve the effect of presence. Photos turn out just amazing. We did not immediately understand how to properly take pictures, so most of the photos went without the “wow” effect.

Hall of classical painting gives you the opportunity to feel like a great artist. Here you can meet fantasies on the theme of world masterpieces of painting. For example, by successfully selecting a view, you can pretend that you are drawing a butterfly.

In the museum, in addition to the pictures, there are small layouts with scenes from the life of Thais. Figures placed in glass boxes on stands. Everything is done very carefully, with great precision and a bit of humor.

The hall with ancient Egypt allows you to feel like a member of an archaeological expedition. After Egypt, you can stroll through the romantic European streets. To visit Venice. Some of the paintings are so unusual that we did not understand how to properly take pictures on their background.

Museum Art in Paradise 3D is better to visit together or by company, so that was someone to photograph you. We spent almost the whole day in this museum, repeatedly returning to some of the paintings. But if you want, you can bypass the entire exposure for a couple of hours. 

I absolutely liked everything in this museum, I am very glad that I visited it. The voluminous paintings made a great impression on me, and the original photographs remained for the memory.


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