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Leonardo DiCaprio quotes that will move you forward

Whenever you find yourself in a lack of motivation, feel free to check these quotes said by Leonardo DiCaprio. Not that they will only motivate you to never give up but they will even inspire you to move forward, to jump and go chase your dreams, just like he did!

     “I am not that type of person that pretends to look cool nor trendy. I am simply an individual.”

     “If you could keep dong what you do and be happy with it, you already far ahead from the rest of the nation.”

     “The best thing about being an actor is that I can perfectly get lost in somebody else’s character and life and even get paid for it. That’s a perfect escape. It seems like this changes me and makes me stronger every single day.”

     “I love traveling with my friends. I enjoy being surrounded by someone who always brings me back to my roots, back to what I really am. It’s difficult being alone.”

     “I’m never a Romeo. I never met a girl and fell in love with her that very moment. For me the love has always been a slow process whenever I’ve had a relationship.”

     “It is easy to get into a trap by believing in someone.”

     “Wherever I go I am being stared at and I cant get whether it is because they recognize me or they think I am mad.”

     “The only one in charge for your happines is you and only you. Don’t blame on the others if you are not confident enough about your dreams.”

   He claims to never be affected by the other people’s opinion and that’s how he reached the top and managed to stay there. The lesson he tries to give you is to be confident and be yourself, the rest will follow!


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  1. I think it is imported to be effected by other’s opinions. How else would we learn humility, kindness and love. (I am not trying to disagree and I love the quotes) Perhaps I should just walk away from the computer again today.

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