The best quotes about life

   There are plenty of quotes that carry a hidden inspiring message. If you lack inspiration, motivation, comfort, a smile or support, just keep reading!

“Not everyone who has his eyes closed is sleeping. Not everyone who has his eyes open is seeing!”

“Maybe not everyone is a good person, according to you. However do not forget that just like the saint has past, the sinner has a future!”

“People have the capacity to understand only what they’ve experienced.”

“If you can only change your thoughts, the world arround you changes completely!”

“People never face mountains as an obstacle but rocks instead. Therefore keep an eye on the path as the real problems tend to be disguised.”

“Read between lines. It’s where the truth lies.”

“Today is the day you have to forgive everyone. Not because they deserve it but because you deserve it!”

“Asking for forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but rather a proof that your love for a specific person is bigger that your pride.”

“The wiser you get, the quieter you become.”

“To keep the anger inside you is like to take a poison and expect someone else to get poisoned.”

“Never say everything you know but always be sure in what you are saying.”

“A day without a book and a smile is a wasted day. A life with a lots of wasted days is a wasted life.”


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