KILL4ME Marilyn Manson

I am a big fan of Marilyn Manson this is why I have found incredibly great a song I did not know: Kill for me (KILL4ME).

The song is so good that I have been listening to it in Spotify for days. I wanted to discover the official music video as Marilyn Manson always makes unique music videos.

This time nevertheless, Youtube makes an age restriction for this song. This is why I have included only an audio version on this post. At least, you can hear the song.  The official music video is outstanding yet perhaps provocative. Johnny Depp appears with Marilyn Manson who has a very direct message to his partner: “Would you kill for me?”. Otherwise, you cannot date Marilyn Manson, as simple and as cruel as it sounds.


What do you think?

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  1. You know I’ve never listened to any of this guy’s music. But I have always been curious as to what he looked like before he became man that we physically see. I’ll check out this video. I mean David Bowie looked weird but his music was fantastic! Why not Marilyn Manson?

    • His real name is Brian. He was born in Ohio and he studied journalism before becoming famous. He has many great songs. Have you liked this one??? This song is relatively new. The official video is great, Johnny Depp appears but I have not included the official music video just in case… Thanks a lot for your comment.


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