JRR Tolkeins The Hobbit

I am a huge fan of the books. I have read them many times. The first time I read the LOTR and Hobbit was roughly 1972. I also have read both the US versions and the original UK versions.

When the three Hobbit movies were announced I was really excited.

My rating for the movie is a 5 of 5.

  1. The story is preserved and the vision of Peter Jackson is amazing.
  2. Smaug steals every scene he is in.
  3. While the book, The Red Book of WestMarch, or The Hobbit as we more commonly know it, takes place before the events in the three LOTR books and movies, The Hobbit came after the LOTR movies.

My favorite part of the movies was Smaug, My favorite part of the book was always Bilbo and Gollum. But in the movies, Peter Jackson brought the dragon to life in a magical way.

If you have not seen the six movies in this series, go see them all. Spend the weekend, binge watch every single one of them!!!!


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    • I would like to think (since the four books in the 6 films ) are more than 40 years older than Game of Thrones, that Game of Thrones is an extension rather than the LOTR, Hobbit as Game of Thrones.
      But thanks for the commetn!

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