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Is the weather too hot to handle?

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According to the news article in The Telegraph today, 23rd July 2018, the temperature has reached a scorching 33.3C in some parts of the UK.  For those used to the old fashioned way, that is 91F.  I know that a lot of countries are used to this kind of weather, but we Brits aren’t really used to these kind of temperatures.  So they are advising people to take care and drink plenty.  More importantly, they are telling people to stay out of the sun, especially when it is at his hottest in the middle of the day.

The article says that the elderly are more at risk of going to hospital if they have underlying problems.  But, of course, we should all take care when the weather is so hot.  Of course in this weather people will want to get out and enjoy the sun.  But, as I say, take care.  Especially if you have elderly relatives or, indeed, children.  Make sure you drink plenty and wear plenty of sun skin.  I know it’s obvious saying this, but I think all too often people think they will be okay.  Personally, I’m not one for sitting in the sun.  Certainly in this heat, I can manage half an hour sitting outside, but then I come back indoors again.  I have been taking cool showers to cool down and drinking plenty of water.

And the news are forecasting a hosepipe ban as there has been absolutely no rain in some parts of the country for some weeks now.  People caught using a hosepipe can be fined £1000!  A lot of people have been complaining about it being too hot, but according to the experts, there is no let up in it just yet.  I don’t mind the heat so much, it’s just difficult sleeping at night.  However you like your weather, take care in the heat and make sure you drink plenty!


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  1. Well, I really do not like it when it gets too hot, however, i would rather have it too hot than too cold. If it is too hot one could put a cool rag on themselves. If it is too cold sometimes you could suffer from frostbite. I like the fall season the best, not too cold, or too hot.

  2. Hello,
    Today when I saw your comment I realized that I am really not familiar with your posts! Shame on me. So I am digging in today and reading your post. I am going to get to know you. By the way, I simply melt in the heat!

  3. Omg we all experience the climate change! Your advice is very important! Every year we have a great number of news about an unusual weather in this or that region! We have hot weather not more than 6 weeks a year and it is discomfort! I dream about warm comfy weather of 24-25C but get 30C and sometimes higher so the conditioner becomes my best friend during this period! Or I’d rather put my head in the fridge!


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