Are you enjoying the warm weather?

I know us Brits love to complain about the weather, but on days like today, I’m certainly not complaining. Looking at the forecast, it’s 20F outside right now. I’ve been sitting in the garden this afternoon enjoying this glorious weather we’ve been having, and took this photo. I live very close to the river, and as you can see there is a ship in the distance. The skies are blue, and there is a slight breeze, which is nice.  The breeze is slightly cooling, but the sunshine is very hot. I know there are many people who don’t like it when it’s too hot, but to be honest, I love it. The only thing I don’t like really is being uncomfortable at night.

I hope this nice weather lasts. Back in February I was complaining about all the snow we had, but when you look at the weather now, I can’t believe how much it’s changed and how hot it is now. What a contrast! Do you like this kind of weather? Personally, I love it.


What do you think?


  1. I love hot weather as long as the air is clean. Where I am now people complain about the triple digits and I wonder why they chose to live in the desert if they don’t like heat.

  2. Not enjoying the southeastern US weather at all. 96* and the humidity is so bad you can hardly breathe. Ready for a break soon I hope.

  3. Enjoy .. In Southern Europe until yesterday it was very cold .. this has never happened in June and July. Today it’s finally warm.