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House of the Rising Sun by LaJenna

One of my favorite songs from “The Animal” is “The House of the Rsing Sun” The Animals are a English rhythm and rock band., formed in newcastle upon Tyne in the 1960’s. In 1964 the band moved to find fame. They sang other songs like: We Gotta get Out of this place, It’s My Life, I’m Crying, Don’t Let me be misunderstood. There band in my opinion is a blend of more of a hard-rock type of music, but also like some blues type of music. Read more about “The Animals” from the link below from Wikipedia.

This posts is  to give “The Animals” credit for singing” House of The Rising Sun,” and to hear how LaJenna can sing it.


House of the Rising Sun Wikipedi

House of the Rising Sun video by LaJenna


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Written by LaJenna


  1. I’ve never heard of LaJenna. I was, however, just getting into music when The Animals released their version. They were far from the first, though. It’s an old American folk song about a bordello in New Orleans. The first known example goes back to 1905. There is also some speculation that it came from England and was about a tavern there.