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Ghost Town at Woodbridge Center

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

At 6:30pm, I went to the walking meetup. I noticed that the Woodbridge Center looked like a ghost town. It is usually filled with people, mostly kids playing on the monkey bars as well as running around and yelling. The Press Pizza is usually filled with families eating pizza. The Lost Bean and movie theater are usually busy. The parking lot barely had any cars, and most businesses were closed, including the theater and restaurants. Barnes and Nobles were closing early. Yogurtland was still open. After we walked, I went inside Grocery Outlet to notice many shelves were empty, and salespeople were restocking shelves. One girl was wearing a mask. I decided to go home.


What do you think?


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  1. we only walk in our small group, but the world around us is quiet now. normally there are kids outside playing, baseball teams practicing and families sitting outside.

    now I think nearly everywhere is a ghost town.

    stay safe!


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