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Batty Over The New Bat Girl

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Priyanka Chopra the beautiful Indian born actress star of Quantico and Baywatch recently made quite a stir but throwing her hat in the ring for the upcoming role of  director Josh Wheton’s Batgirl.

Why all the fuss? Some comments on the trending Facebook feed are quite adamant regarding the nationality of Batgirl. One man prefers a red head. Another posted that she’s 34! Like that is a crime!

Aging Women in Hollywood face challenges men do not and I am in favor of Priyanka Chopra even more after that ridiculous quote.

Why is she pitching for the coveted role of Batgirl? At a press junket she confessed…

My dream part is, now that I’m working in America, I definitely want to do a superhero part. When I think of American movies, they’ve had superheroes for aeons right? So I definitely want to play a superhero and I want to have an interesting super power. I don’t know… Batgirl would be so cool!

What woman wouldn’t want to play Batgirl? Do you support her for the leading role of Batgirl?


What do you think?

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  1. Go for it. Priyanka has paid her dues in the movie industry. If Gal Gadot can win rave reviews for playing Wonder Woman, so can Priyanka or any actress not born in America. Just remember that Ben Affleck was booed before he played Batman in the recent Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie. After it happened, he was cheered.

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