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Find the Hidden Countries

Here’s a puzzle for you.

Hidden in these sentences are names of countries. The sentences are not clues to be solved but you have to look at the words carefully to discover the name of a country hidden within them.

Discover the names and post them in comments but do not look at the answers submitted by other people before trying on your own. You must also tell which country is most well hidden.

  • I ran as fast as I could
  • Ken yawned broadly while watching the TV.
  • Anja panicked when she saw the lion.
  • It is vital you study hard for the exams.
  • Can a day pass without some bad news?
  • I saw a bench in a park.
  • There can be no case as we deny the charges.
  • I went to a new health spa in town.
  • I saw a lion cub and a bear cub.
  • Tom and Hanks are good friends.
  • Gaye mended the fence skillfully
  • The new law can anger many people.

Good luck!


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Written by Dawnwriter


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