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Today I want to share with you the ” 8 SECRETS OF HEALTH ”


N- utrition – Everyone should have a balance diet. You need to eat nutritious food everyday including fruits, vegetables and enough intake of water.

E- xercise – We must exercise regularly. Keeping your body at healthy weight will help you avoid illnesses and diseases.

W- ater – Everyone should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

S-unlight – We need to go under the sun because its good for our skin. And also it will boost our mood.


Temperance – Everyone should have a temperance or a Self control! There is a saying that ” Too much of everything is not good! ” so weather there is too much eating, too much party or too much Anger, we are violating the Law of Health.

Air – We all need to breath some fresh air. Nowadays there is a pollution around us, so we need to spend more time in the mountains, in the country side or on the beach.

Rest – We need to get enough rest everyday – 8 hours.


Trust In God – Whatever your religion or beliefs are you should have faith and trust, be prayerful always and have meditation.

I used to Lecture this Topic when I was Anchor in a radio in the Philippines.. Hoping that this ” 8 Secrets of Health ” can help you and be a healthy reminder.


What do you think?

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