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Fernando ABBA (with lyrics)


This story was told about Captain Quantrill’s scout, Fernando Zapata, about the night after March 28, in 1864, in Bonham Texas, when Captain William Clark Quantrill, the pioneer of the Missouri guerrillas, and marauder of North Texas, was captured by Confederate Brigadier General (CSA) Henry Eustace McCulloch at his home office in Bonham, Texas.

Quantrill and his Raiders had been gathered together and were being detained, while he, Fernando, Zapata, barely missed being caught as well, While bidding farewell to his sweetheart, the youthful, recently widowed Barbara Lewis, not knowing that it was to be the last time he would ever see her as he would not only be on the run from General Mc Culloch but also from Captain Quantrill who would likely have shot him as a deserter.

 On that day, the entire town viewed the solemn procedures. Maybe it was on the grounds that the townsfolk felt a kind of regard or love for this practically amazing foe Captain Quantrill, The ladies, specifically, were reflecting around the little well at the center of town, for the most part, to see what was to become of Quantrill and his Raiders, no one but his brother Pancho in Mexico knew about Fernando and widow Lewis’ nocturnal trips during the months before 28 March of 1864, Fernando, would never verify or refute allegations made about Quantrill’s activities in North Texas.

From a few unique sources the narrative of Quantrill’s capture and his resulting escape is as follows:

On 28 March 1864, Captain Quantrill had captured one of his own men for murdering Confederate Major Butts and burglarizing his belongings north of Sherman, Texas. Quantrill, with an armed contingent, accompanied the guerrilla to General BG McCulloch in Bonham, Texas.

In the wake of handing over this soldier, while, addressed by General, BG McCulloch concerning various different violations that Quantrill himself had approved all through north Texas.

BG McCulloch summoned Captain Quantrill to report to his office. Not long after arriving, Quantrill was arrested once inside the central command on the statement of Quantrill’s soldier. At one point when Quantrill refused an invitation to eat with the General (after having only just been arrested), he was confined to the General’s office.

It was while Quantrill was inside the General’s office, he had the option to escape by outsmarting the guards, In the disarray, he recouped his weapons and fled the town.

In spite of the fact that he was pursued by Confederate officers to the edge of the Red River, Quantrill and his guerrillas figured out how to cross into the Indian Nations where the Confederate warriors had no jurisdiction.

BG Henry Eustace McCulloch survived the war and lived out his life in Texas. Commander William Clarke Quantrill was apparently mortally injured in Missouri on May 1865.

What, in the long run, was the fate of the scout, Fernando Zapata isn’t known as his brother, Pancho Sapata died without ever divulging Fernando’s whereabouts and the widow, Barbara Lewis, never re-wedded and had lived out her life, never leaving Bonham.


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    • Well thanks for the compliment, although Captain Quantrill was indeed a Confederate officer and was in charge of a group of men referred to as Raiders, the romantic interlude between Fernando Zapata and the pretty young widow, Barbara Lewis, is pure fiction from the Tranquilpen. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • I’ am so very pleased that you liked the little backstory. I love the song and often wondered about the hero of the song. The ABBA band members knew nothing about Fernando and even changed the lyrics a bit to make it fit. Thanks, Carol for reading and commenting.

    • I had a secret fascination with Captain William Clarke Quantrill, the Confederate guerrilla leader during the American Civil War. Who, incidentally had a “tempestuous” childhood before later becoming a schoolteacher. Quantrill later joined a group of bandits who roamed the Missouri and Kansas countryside apprehending escaped slaves. As for mister Fernando Zapata, Quantrill’s scout, and his sweetheart, widow Barbara Lewis is pure fiction, based on one line from the lyrics: “Can you hear the drums, Fernando? I remember long ago another starry night like this. In the firelight, Fernando, you were humming to yourself and softly strumming your guitar.”. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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