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Everyday Words Not Used Every Day Until the 20th Century

There are many words we now use every day, that were not everyday words until the 20th century.  I always enjoyed the cartoon called Road Runner.  There were no spoken words in the animated episodes.  Or so I thought.  Come to think of it, there was one word and the Road Runner always said it twice.  “Beep Beep!”  

Mark Nichol published a list of “25 Words Coined by Twentieth-Century Authors”.  

Did you know that the word “beep” was invented by a 20th-century scientist and novelist named Arthur C. Clarke?  Since some of the words on Nichol’s list are related to technology, it’s no surprise they were unheard of until the 20 century.  But the other nontech words are surprising to me and may surprise you too.

Curious to know the other 24 words? 

Just curious.  Did you also enjoy watching the Road Runner animated series?

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