Eren's Challenge, E030, Part two, Blue Bottle Domkey

Eren’s Challenge

Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 030 part two, Blue Bottle Donkey

With InUPress

Written on July 3, 2018


Part one published on Virily on July 17, 2018.

 Part two published on Virily on July 24, 2018.

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Trondel 27 RD 78

I jump up and sit in the huge gnoll chair which Angel usually occupies, and I say, “as you’re going to kill me anyway, do you mind if I look at some of these files? You’ll want my fingerprints on the keyboard and have the logs showing me browsing anyway – to frame me.”

“Yeah, go ahead Pamboor!”

Nodding slightly once, I randomly flick through several security files. I note that I already have all the information anyway, obtained through Omega.

I chuckle as I browse. Then I note a few pictures with names, and it hits me.

I check Friends’ security detail list.

“You know Eva, it’s not going to go well for you if you’re the one who finds me here.”

She falters. “You know me?”

I nod once to her. “Of course! I know all the gnolls. It’s my job too.”

“He’s right Eva, this looks bad for you!” The ominous mature voice of my saviour booms into the room from the doorway.

Eva whips around, and she fires at Unhrah.

The old security matriarch was prepared, and she returns fire as the laser blast deflects off of Unhrah’s body armour.

The armour piercing round from Unhrah’s firearm finds Eva’s forehead, piercing her skull and mashing through her brains, killing her.

The brindle hound drops to the floor as my saviour walks in and titters. She then says, “You require a lot of saving. I’m beginning to ask if you’re worth the effort. Angel and the bulls say yes. So again, I save you.”

I leap off the seat and bow to her as she turns on the room’s lighting as I quickly switch vision.

I respond, “and yes! Yet again I owe you a thank you … my friend. Thank you for taking my call.”

We both chuckle as we shake hands, I ask, “you heard and we recorded that?”

She bows her head, dipping her snout low. “Of course, Amin.”

I look over at the corpse. “Too bad, we didn’t learn who her employer was.”

Winking once quickly at me the lieutenant says, “I have no doubt you’ve already figured that out. I leave it to you for obtaining retribution.”

With my lips straight, eyes narrowed, I ask, “who? Me?” Then I wink once.

Trondel 29 RD 78

I had gone home after a deep discussion with Lieutenant Unhrah and with her giving me a Friends Class 8 Security rating. This is a security rating only just below Unhrah and Angel. A rank she gives me which is the same rank as Angel’s bulls.

This grants me an access card that allows me entry to almost all of Friends property – almost all.

For the next day, I had scoured secure records in the Friends Tower security records room, looking in on listings of all property and then from the terminal I rigged the raffle for which I had bought the tickets. Rigging it so we’ve won, just that nobody else knows it yet, and I’m not telling Es.

What I found in the records humoured me a lot.

I want a ride on Angel’s train again for a trip to the west coast mountains, going on a trip to an ancient mountain castle. The Calid castle used to be an ancestral home to the rulers of my native people.

Just a curiosity of mine.

I was busy being wrapped up in this auditing investigation project when I happened upon a particular list from a place called the Blue Bottle Donkey. A place that is a club for gamblers in the Black Circle’s realm over on Quelem Street in the Morelec suburb.

But the club isn’t registered to any Black Circle member. The gambling club is registered to the sister of our friend, Tax Assessment Manager, Havar.

Looking at this list of 126 fine folks who are registered to the club, I find there are five gnolls, and one of those on the list was Eva, the errant security gnoll.

As I read the list, I sit back with troubled breathing having to take slight deep gasps for breaths to try to calm, as I am shocked by the other four on the list. Angel needs to know about this list, but I’ll have to give it to her when the time is right.

I have my work cut out for me again.

Not being on the Amber Calendar anymore, I ask myself, am I hunting Angel still, or Havar, or both? What about the Black Circle?

With knowing that I’m being part of Omega’s plans now, what are my plans, or what work am I really doing? The crazy pampamoo computer wants me to be the Trump, but I’m supposed to act as a diplomat between organizations of good and not so good!

What do Es and I want, especially with a family on the way? Do I try to go back to engineering research?

Damn. “OMEGA!”

Two beeps from the computer’s speakers.

I sigh through my nose then I whisper, “I need a psych! – because of you!”

“And how does that make you feel now?”


“I hear your feeling aggression which you need to release. I was watching your reading. I think I understand your plan. To confirm, tell me would you carry out such a bold plot?”

“Shut-up beast!”

“Nice, less aggression. I see. – when will you carry out this raid?”

I lean back and clasp my hands behind my head as I think.

“I smell smoke and hear mind gears grinding, my child. This may be bad for someone?” she utters.

“NO! … really?” I snicker as the plot comes together. Feeling my nerves aching from the explosion wounds, I mutter a curse to the gods, I ask, “Omega … Dear? – when was my last morphine shot?”

A slight moan answers me from the speakers, then she replies, “six hours … thirty-seven minutes ago, you want the seconds as well?”

Kicking the computer tower I grunt in answer, and then I say, “no!”

Es walks in to my secure room, dressed in grey jogging gear and she asks, “you feel like going for a run?”

Leaping to my feet, I chortle then I rapidly answer, “let me change clothes. Will a run on the beach work for you?”

“Excellent! Both of you! … what does it feel like to run?” asks the ultimate computer.

Es and I look at each other blankly, I had never considered Omega’s limitations, not that I’ve considered being concerned with her not being ambulatory.

Es shrugs, then replies, “it is kinda euphoric after a point, but starts out as work. But it can be stressful at points. Depends at which point of the run your asking, and how long you run for. Personally, I enjoy the feel of the air on me, as well as a sunny day’s light shining on me.”

I nod. “Yeah, I like the feel of the body rush from running.”

 A soft moan erupts from the speakers. “Sad! I’m stuck buried deep in the rocks.”

This ends Eren’s Challenge episode 030 part two, ‘Blue Bottle Donkey,’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 030 part three, ‘Blue Bottle Donkey,’ …

© 2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press


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