Eren’s Challenge E025 part two, Mocha Unicorn Master

Eren’s Challenge

Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 025 part two, Mocha Unicorn Master

With InUPress

Written on April 11, 2018.

Part one published on Virily on May 8, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on May 15, 2018.

Now we continue in the next Eren’s Challenge 025 part two ‘Mocha Unicorn Master,’ …

Trondel 11 of 78

Fesdeak reeks of sour sweat as the underweight office nerd sits in my pocket chair in our living room.

The man is tall and in his fifties. He appears not to have slept in a week as he’s wearing wrinkled clothing, dishevelled hair with sweat-stained armpits. His socks have fallen down to his ankles.

I ask again. “Are you certain you want to go there?”

He moans weak as a mouse, then he says, “you know we have to. You were framed by Havar … and now you were attacked and blown up by terrorists. I found your original tax files in a box in the storage cabinet when I noticed three unfiled boxes of tax forms belonging to several citizens while I was doing routine maintenance cleaning. I’ve been a nervous wreck since finding those boxes. I returned them to the cabinet, but I don’t know what to do.”

Patting his knee, I say, “do nothing, Fesdeak. Copy down a list with all the names in the files and bring them to me.”

He nods twice as he licks his lips. “Yeah? … you’ll take care of this?”

Handing him my business card with my name, ‘the Challenge,’ I say, “check this out and decide. I also am connected to the Trump, as well as the group, Friends, and the gnoll Angel. So, someone will do something about this as I also have Earl Ferrent’s ear.”

He stares at me, and then asks, “what about me?”

I wink once. “You’re not on your own, Fesdeak. We’re watching with you now!”

He sighs as his body limbers up and goes limp, the man slouches down in the chair. “Can I come back tomorrow with the list of names?”

Waving my hand side-to-side rocking it, I answer, “if you must, but be careful. You might be being watched by others.”


I walk along the beach watching the fine golden yellow-grey sand when I hear a snicker behind me. Looking back, I squint as I’m mystified by an odd sight.

Riding up from the south end of the beach toward me is Jut on a huge mocha coloured unicorn. The strange single horned, horse-like beast must be ten-feet tall at the fore shoulders.

Coming to a halt a few feet from me, Jut jumps down as he dismounts from the unicorn.

I’m stunned as I stand rigid in shocked awe. Our world has never had unicorns and here is an off-world humanoid dog riding one bareback, as its master.

After jumping down, the dark-blue gnoll strides the three steps between us in a fast pace to me and looks down from his over nine-foot height. “You out walking alone, Amino?”

I burst out laughing at this. “You people are so funny. You hate us, but you call me brother and you’re asking such a question of something so obvious!”

He chuckles too, and then says, “so we can converse; not wasting time? We need your help.”

In a frustrated snide remark, I fire back as I say, “really!”

This ends this Eren’s Challenge episode 025, ‘Mocha Unicorn Master,’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 026, ‘Lilac Train Car,’ …

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