Eren's Challenge, E029, Part two, Ultra Hyper Loop

Eren’s Challenge

Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 029, Part two, Ultra Hyper Loop

With InUPress

Written on June 10, 2018.


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Trondel 26 78

Addressing Vespa while the other three are standing and watching, I say, “I guaranteed your safety for this meeting … so I set up the new location myself … I’ve asked my employees here to take you to that location while I retrieve Captain Chase for the meeting.” I gesture to Tol and Kya, who stand behind me.

I had Omega summon them both here with one of their unregistered SUV sedans which was borrowed from Friends.

Vespa peers around me at Tol, and then Kya. Then he turns back at me. “I don’t know them nor trust you really.”

I snicker before responding, “it’s okay, I don’t trust Chase today either or his choice of meeting sites. You choose, take my site or his.”

Casper speaks up, “you’re taking this precaution just indicates to me your looking out for our interests. How can you guarantee our safety?”

Having thought this out, I respond, “I sent the meeting location to your base, along with the meeting time. They will receive the information five minutes after the meeting starts and have instructions to pick you up half-an-hour later. As such, I also sent one of my gnolls to your base now to inform them how to contact me and that they’ll receive the information on the meeting. Your base can hold the gnoll until your people retrieve you. If you do not release the gnoll or Captain Chase … you will answer to my organization … agreed?”

Vespa and Casper extend their hands to shake, then reluctantly so do Black Circle’s Tol.

I peer at Loren, I say to him. “You have an issue?”

He sneers, and says, “yes! You!”  He offers his hand slowly giving a limp, weak, soft shake.

I step back and motion to the gnolls and say to the four men. “Go with your escorts.”


Fuming, irate at me, Chase is pacing his office, snorting loudly, he demands, “you mean they’re not with you! We have to go elsewhere to meet with them!”

Standing by the door, I reply, “we have fifteen minutes to get there before they abandon the meeting. Come as you are with me right now.”

Throwing his hands up he shouts, “WHAT!”

I motion to the door.

He stares at me, as he is almost drooling now, totally red-faced.

I turn and begin to walk out. He rushes to catch up.

As we’re walking through the bullpen, I catch out of the corner of my eye his signal to someone. I resist smiling.

We take the number three lift directly down to the lobby and walk out to the street.

Crossing the street, I unlock the doors of my Escape, and we climb in, quickly starting it, and I throw it into first gear, without buckling in. I pull away from the curb as Chase is buckling up.

I cut off oncoming traffic and complete a full 180 in the street and gun it, working through the gears as fast as I can till I’ve reached as high a speed as I can safely drive on this street.

After four blocks I make a left turn going the exact opposite direction I intend to end up.

Looking in the back seat I say, “okay Es, clear the trackers.”

Chase whips his head around to look behind him.

Es flicks the switch on my mobile tracker device killer which wipes out all tracking signals in a hundred-metre radius.

Slowing to match regular traffic we drive for half-an-hour watching behind us for tails.

Then pulling into a busy parking garage, we switch to Rifus’ fuel guzzling red beast. Still keeping the tracker killer on and with us, we drive out and drive to the Red Rundle.


Arriving at the long, thirty-store strip mall with a thirty-five-room motel and ten-office two-story office building, the area is known as the Red Rundle. I smile as anyone even knowing that we’re at number six, will still need to figure out which number six.

But this is an even bigger ruse as the Red Rundle we’re referring to is none of these, but one of the twenty houses on the block behind this area. This collection of houses are the Trump’s Red Rundle private homes which are rented out for private meetups.

Driving into the motel’s parking lot, we then walk around to the south street and down the block to the rusty-red aluminum-sided house, number: Six.

Entering the house, we find Tol and Kya with the four Black Circle leaders.

I introduce everyone and then inform them, “okay just so everyone knows, this is a one-off gathering! I quickly rented this location for this one meeting. Make it work for my six hundred credits … Chase, I know what your plans were. I’m not happy with you … you owe these men an apology, and you owe us some good faith in these negotiations … men let’s sit down and talk the issues through.”

The men from Black Circle glare in menace with blood-curdling stares at Chase.

Fidgeting with his hands together, Chase nods to them.

We take seats in the living room on the two sofas and the plush chairs. Tol supplies the men with high-grade wine, cheeses and breads.

Kya and Es take the meeting notes for everyone’s records.

This ends Eren’s Challenge episode 029, ‘Ultra Hyper Loop,’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 030, ‘Blue Bottle Donkey,’ …

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