Eren’s Challenge E026 Part two, Lilac Train Car

Eren’s Challenge

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Episode 026 part two, Lilac Train Car

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Written on April 16, 2018 

Part one published on Virily on May 22, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on May 29, 2018.

We now continue with Eren’s Challenge episode 026 part two, ‘Lilac Train Car,’ on …

Trondel 11 of 78

I place my hand across the table onto hers. “Three, because they’re homesick and detest being with us.”

She wipes a few tears with one hand. “No one must know. But I too want to go home … leave all this. I’m homesick too. Your air is so off for me. Your world always smells bad. Your people have no culture or graces.”

I chuckle. “Odd, as my people feel similar about your people. Can we have a truce between peoples? … I know you, and I have an understanding Amina. But can you stop killing our people?”

Her lower lip droops before she replies, “no. The stupid, weak ones should have been culled out long ago. You should be the norm … not the exception, Amino.”

“Humph … so you say! Can you be more selective then? Stop taking out our techs?”

A nod. “I’ll concede you that.”

“Ok … your three main bulls want to return home.”

Leaping from her seat she roars, “I’ll kill the weaklings!”

I burst out laughing as I remain sitting. “I thought so! I told you a lie to see your reaction.” I continue to laugh.

She sits again, snorting through her nose violently. Glaring into me as her nostrils flare open and closed, she utters, “I will eat you if you don’t tell me!”

I wave my finger at her. “No. You would have killed me already, Angel! You have a gnoll’s crush on me!”

She grabs my arm and starts squeezing and twisting. It hurts to Gor as she’s near to breaking it.

“Tell me, Husal!”

I sit stone still looking her in the eye as they water from the pain. “No! You’ll kill me before I tell you.”

“I’ll kill Esmelda then!”

Now I break as I see her seriousness. “Jut and your other two primes!”

She melts back into her seat. “So, you were telling the truth before … then covered to protect them!”

I nod, and she releases my arm.

Angel’s eyelids flutter as she slumps. “What to do? The humal won’t take them home … they’re no good to me if they desire to go home. I have to let them go.”

Shrugging, I utter, “take them home in a Friends Starship.”

She flips her paw. “Not possible with the tech on them.”

I smile, offering, “you and I have Omega … we can get the tech you need.”

She grins to my chagrin, I burst out in belly laughter.

This ends this Eren’s Challenge episode 026, ‘Lilac Train Car,’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 027, ‘Lemon Mountain Train,’ …

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