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Cookie Jam (App Review)

I post a lot of art and photography but that’s not all I like to do.  I also love to review different things (movies, books, apps/games).  Now I feel like reviewing an app that I have started playing.

My son loves to play games on my tablet, so I download different ones for him to play or watch me play. One that I downloaded recently was called Cookie Jam.I don’t understand really why it is called that because it seems like it has more to do with cakes. It has a slice of cake in the game, and things you would find on a cake. However, one of the game mascots seems to be a gingerbread man. That aspect of the game confuses me.I like the graphics of the game, they are cute and fun.  They don’t make the game run slow like in some apps that I have seen.  In the game you match different colors/shapes together and complete the tasks that you are given on each level.  If you fail you can retry.  You get 5 tries before you have to wait to try again. Most levels seem pretty easy to pass (at least so far for me). It is quite fun to play though if you are into these kinds of games. It reminds me a lot of Candy Crush Saga. I am sure there are a few other games in the same category as well.

What would I rate the game?  I would give it a 7/10 score. What score would you give Cookie Jam if you have played it? Do any of you play this game or any similar? I would love to know which games you enjoy on your tablets.


What do you think?