Coffee and Cigarettes movie review

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another interesting independent film that I always seem to watch over and over again when it comes on an independent channel is Coffee and Cigarettes. I don’t know if I added it in my top ten interesting film lists, or maybe I forgot about it, but I think I accidentally forgot about this film because I cannot remember every film I watched.

This 2003 film depicts 11 vignettes in black and white scenes at different coffee shops. In each scene, different people hang out together discussing some issue or topic while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. It is about different relationships between different people, such as cousins, twins, friends, siblings, married couple, actors, and musicians. It is interesting to pay close attention to each conversation between different people, and then realize that there is a common theme between each group. Two of the vignettes bring up Tesla’s invention in some way, while the others have to do with music or musicians. So, the main theme in this film is Tesla’s invention, and how it affected certain people.

This film was written and directed by Jim Jarmusch.

I mostly like this film because it is artistically done, very simple and in black/white, which forces you to focus on the conversation and the topic being discussed in each scene. Each group discusses some kind of issue, over coffee and cigarettes, as they ponder and meditate on the subject.


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