Book Review: After I’ve Gone

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After I’ve Gone

by Linda Green

Quercus Books
Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 27 Jul 2017

Jess mount checks her Facebook to find that it has skipped eighteen months ahead,and according to that, she will be dead in eighteen months.

She learns how Friends and loved ones will be affected by her death.  She reads as her Father shares his grief.

What if while reading these future events, you learn from your best friend, what happened to you may not have been an accident, but something worse, much worse?  What if the person she says killed you is the man you thought you had loved, a man who you discover whose child you were bare, being killed when he is only an infant?

If you knew that if you didn’t get away your husband would kill you, and the day he killed you, would you be abLe to speak up, and get away from the danger?  This is the dilemma Jess faces. Will she be able to make the choice that saves her life?

I give After I’ve Gone five out of five stars.

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