Book Review: The End of America

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The End of America?

Bible Prophecy and a Country in Crisis

by Jeff Kinley

Harvest House Publishers


Pub Date 01 Aug 2017

I am reviewing a copy of The End of America through Harvest House Publishers and Netgalley:

What happens when a nation turns its back on God, and instead glorifies immorality?

In this book Jeff Kinkley addresses these questions.

Jeff Kinkley also reminds us of these principles 1:) God judges Nations based on Their Moral Concience and national character. 2.) God judges nations Based on Their treatment of Israel. 3.) God Did not withhold judgement from his people Israel.  4.) God’s Judgement Fell on Jesus at the Cross So That all the Nations can be blessed.

In this book there are some sobering statistics:

12% of all website are pornographic, that’s over 24 million sites.

77% of all Americans view pornography at least once a month.

40 million are regular visitors to those sites.

1 in 3 are women.

25% of all search engine requests are related to pornography

The most popular day of the week for View pornography is Sunday.

The average age a child first sees pornography is eleven, and some claim it is as young as nine.

These images that a child sees cannot be unseen, and can do permanent damage.

The online pornography industry takes into ten to twelve billion dollars annually.

This book brings us face to face with the realities and what is happening.

In this book the issues of abortion is brought up, and the author points out that only one percent of those who seek out abortions were raped, six percent worry about disease.

The End of America brings up some good questions, and some valid research.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Oh dear! Books such as this are notorious for making all sorts of false assumptions and not having the first idea about how to make a logical argument. The net result is to confirm the prejudices of those who agree with the author in the first place, and convince absolutely nobody who does not!

    • Note I never said I agree or disagree with the book, I have given many books high-star ratings that I don’t completely agree with, but I am very aware of how prevalent things like porn is. I was helping Little Miss with a school project last year, and many things I could not let her see popped up.

      • I think it’s a question of not confusing a particular problem with a certain set of prejudices or assumed causes/solutions. In ancient times people associated – for example – the visitation of plague with the sins of the affected community and its consequent punishment by whatever deity that community worshipped. We know that such thinking was irrational, and must therefore ask whether the line taken by the book in q

          • I read a wide variety of books, and rarely take what I read on face value, the exception being the Bible, because that is my faith, what I believe, that being said I judge a book, on the effort put in on the writing, and rarely share books that I do not think are worth reading, for someone. I know the effort put in writing a book, and how harsh and sometimes unfair critics can be.

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