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3 Reasons Why We Love FRIENDS








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It ended back in 2004 and we are now in 2017, but still after so many years we can keep watching this tv series over and over again.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we still are madly in love with FRIENDS-

1. It’s Hilarious

Even after so many years, the show manages to tickle your funny bone. Whether its Ross nerdiness, Chandler’s sarcasm or Joey’s dim character; those guys still can bring a smile on your face.

2. Gives Us Friendship Goals

Whether its Joey and Chandler who gave some real brotherhood goals or Rachel moving out of Monica’s apartment when she started living in with Chandler, which marked an end of era; Friends has always given us beautiful friendship goals to achieve.

3. It’s Relatable¬†

Even after so many years, we can still relate to the characters and the situations they face. Whether its breakups or falling in love once again, relationship issues being faced and most important of them all i.e. always being there foe your Friends. The fact that we can relate so easily to the characters is why we still love them so much.


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  1. they are annoying. i watched it later on during reruns, and i thought they were all idiots. monica was anal, phoebe is retarded, rachel was like a bimbo, chandler needs a tan, and ross is just weird. the only character realistic was joey because his character was idiot actors, and these actors are idiot puppets.

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