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Making your home the smart home of tomorrow begins with the first step!

As we move to a digital world, don’t forget to automate the lights. That way if you forget to turn off the lights you can always do so later from your phone. Over the past three years, perhaps more I have been asked a series of questions that I have covered in my various blogs many times. But I have never put them all in one place and shared the information I have with everyone in one easy to find and read location. So here goes…

  1. How do I pick an internet service provider or basically which one Fiber, Cable, Satellite or DSL?
  2. What is the best way to protect my home network once I set it up?
  3. What is the first project I should undertake to automate my house, apartment or room after I have the home network setup?

The answer to number 1 is the most complex. The first thing to get the answer to number 1 is you have to consider what do you need from your home network. Are you accessing the internet, accessing streaming media services or does everything you need exist inside your house? That determines what you then need from your internet provider. The list below represents the answer to question 1 and 2.

  • If I only use things in my house digitally, I need the fastest in-home wifi
  • If I only download things (streaming) from the internet I need the fastest download speed I can get from my provider
  • If I have IoT or Smart Devices deployed in my home, then I need good download and good upload speeds from my provider.
  • Buying a low-cost security device that I can plug the cable, satellite, DSL or fiber connection and then into the router for my house is the best short term security you can have!

Projects 1 and 2 need to be done before you start project 3, but note, project 3 impacts your network at home. If you intend to automate your house, you have to have a network that supports smart devices. Smart devices need, like ET to phone home. IE they communicate with another system outside your home. The better the upload speed you have, the better your long term home automation project will be.

I am going to expand the bullets above over the next few days when I have time. This is simply the first in a series, making the smarter home of tomorrow possible, today!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. It’s an interesting idea, needs, and issue. Actually, I’ve been long enough to consider home automation. But there are other things that I think, lest, with that many things from our personal will be easier to supervise? Perhaps this is not very relevant to the idea that you are conveying, but relating to the all-automatic which auto-connected with the internet, has become my thinking.

  2. I know some people that would love this, my son being one one. Not for me though, I think we should get back to an easier time, growing our own food, helping neighbors, maybe internet connection. Self sustained living is the key for me. I dont even own a tv anymore or cell phone. Back to basics is what I prefer.

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