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Quick and easy kitchen renovations on a budget

Perhaps the most daunting task in home renovations is the kitchen makeover. There are many horror stories about the enormous cost of remaking a kitchen. Just one look at the price tag on a new kitchen at a home renovation show or your local DIY store is enough for you to say “no way”.

Kitchen renovations can indeed be a huge, complicated undertaking; perhaps more so than with other parts of the home. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that the kitchen is the most used, multi-purpose room in the home. However, if you are operating on a budget and you want to add some changes to improve functionality and the appearance of  your kitchen design without taking out a second mortgage, you can achieve this with simple cosmetic changes.

1) Kitchen cupboard upgrade: Your kitchen remodelling will benefit greatly by simply putting a new face on old  kitchen cupboards. This would involve replacing hinges, knobs and handles. Sanding and staining or painting. Yes there is some elbow grease involved but well worth the effort. You can have a lot of fun choosing and deciding on  the colors, finish and hardware.

2) Coloring your kitchen: Try to think outside the box and you can get plenty of ideas for your  from home shows and displays on the best color combination for your kitchen using acrylic sheets. When repainting the kitchen, be sure to include the ceiling and trims in your kitchen design plans and ensure you have sufficient paint to complete the job.

3) Replace kitchen appliances: If your appliances are worn or dated, replacing them would make a world of difference for your kitchen renovation project. The good thing is that since this is a do-it-yourself-project you can add new appliances as you are able to. If you decide on stainless steel for both large and small appliances, keep an eye out for sales. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a floor model range or refrigerator for much less than you would a fresh off the truck one.

4) A new counter top: If you are replacing your counter top, think long term about your kitchen design. Your current one may have been in place for  decades and now you want a fresh modern look. You can still get good deals on granite, Corian or any of the other hot counter tops available today. Buying quality counter tops will add instant value and beauty to your kitchen and home, so it is important to shop wisely and wait for sales. If you are using granite get it professionally installed unless you really know what you are doing.

5) Lighting: The type of lights you choose for your kitchen remake  makes a huge difference to your kitchen design. You can choose from a variety of options from strategic task lighting to ambient lighting.

6) Flooring: Another area to consider when doing a kitchen design is the floor. However, you may already have newer flooring in and if that is the case and funds are an issue, just work with it and concentrate your efforts on other areas.

7) Other essentials and options: Other considerations for your kitchen  include the back splash. If you put in a new counter top a new back splash may be essential to pull it all together. You may also need a new sink and hardware to go with your new counter top. Think about adding an Island in your kitchen if you have the space. These can be purchased or made and you can add your own touches  to compliment your counter tops and the rest of the kitchen.

It is important to understand that you don’t have to do it all at once when you are doing kitchen renovations on a budget. There is no contractor on the time clock and you can choose which area to work on and when. The only caution is that you set a time for completing the project and try to complete one project before moving on to another. Get ideas for kitchen, and remodelling tips from a variety of home renovation sources. You can come up with your own vision of  what you want your newly renovated kitchen to look like.


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  1. This is a winning me on doing renovations. My country house is under minor renovations, still. We do it little be little because of a tight budget.

    Granite counter/bench top, and back splash were changed last year. But the old cupboards are still waiting in line to be replaced.

    My husband and I love timber. He does some carpentry and building in the house.

  2. Budget matters the most during the renovation. Thank you for these kitchen renovation tips. Kitchen renovation can require a lot of money, but many companies provide the best services at affordable rates. The kitchen remodeling contractor San Jose provides the best services.

    I will keep all the points in mind while kitchen remodeling so that my renovation gets completed on a budget.


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