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DIY Garden Hack for Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

You can grow tons of free vegetables from kitchen scraps

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Have you ever tried to regrow plants from kitchen scraps? I have, and it was a terrible mess! For a couple of years now, there have been videos and memes circulating around the internet telling us we can regrow vegetables and herbs from the parts we normally throw away. Celery, onions, and lettuce top the list of foods that can be regrown from kitchen scraps. But growing tomatoes from slices of overripe fruit is now popular. And there are hacks for carrots, ginger, pineapples, herbs, and even sweet potatoes!

The problem is, a lot of the videos and articles don’t give enough instructions. It’s basically just, “Cut off the end and put it in water until the roots grow.” But sometimes there are parts of the plant you need to strip off. And it helps to know which plants to sow directly into soil, which ones to put in water, and when to transplant those that will root in water.

That’s why I like the video below. It’s fast to watch. But it gives very detailed instructions on what to cut and how to root the plants. It also tells you when to transplant into soil. If you’d like to grow a whole garden full of vegetables for free, check it out!


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  1. Thanks for this – great for my impatient nature! We are about to move into our new house and we are planning on growing a lot of our own food – this is going to work a treat! I will report back! I always grow my daisies from slips – that works a treat too.

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