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Customize your t-shirts by txatxy

Today I will teach you Sunday work – two hours of fun and forgetting problems. Nobody will wear a shirt like yours personified only for you. It may be pretty or ugly but it is yours.

Make sure to put a cardboard or something absorbent between the front and the back so you do not pass the ink to the back.

#1 The model

Take the permanent markers and let your imagination or download from Internet some drawing that you like.

This is printed in folio size.

#2 The process

Calcalo yellow tracing paper (less noticeable and does not stain).

Labelers have to be permanent, do a test on an old shirt.

#3 The result

This is the end result. You can still see the streaks of the yellow cap. You can wash it by hand and if it's not erased, then you have to be careful to wash it in cold water and if it lasts longer, you can also use markers for fabric.

I hope you liked this creation!

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Written by txatxy

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