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How much do you love K-drama?

Korean drama or famously known as K-drama refers to televised dramas in the Korean language, made in South Korea, mostly in a miniseries format,...

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Philippines National Heroes

A national hero of the Philippines is a Filipino who has been recognized as a hero for his or her role in the history...

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Identify the location of the most beautiful places on Philippines

The Philippines are home to more than 7,000 islands, which are inhabited by friendly locals and many indigenous tribes. From pristine beaches and marvelous...

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Can you guess what Jackie Chan movie is it?

Jackie Chan, is a Hong Kong martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer. In his movies, he is known for his acrobatic...

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The plant’s destroyer

I waited for almost 2 months in order to grow the seeds and transfer it to a wide soil garden. I always watered my...

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