While Professor Pool was Chasing Co-eds (1)

When you first arrive on campus they’ll take you on a tour. If you get friendly with a Soph or Senior, they’ll tell you about Professor Pool. They will tell you how he gives grades for sex, but not in so many words. In some places, at some times, you don’t say anything about sexual harassment. You don’t say it, because there are lots of females who have planned on using sex to get what they want. In the Caribbean, most women who reach the top have done it on their backs.

You decide if that’s how you want to travel or not.It’s not difficult to get yourself out of contention. There are a number of methods, but you’ve got to be very careful, for if you offend Prof Pool, or his clones, you are not going to pass.

If you do pass, and you do get out into the real world, you’ll meet other Prof. Pools.  And if you don’t lie down, you don’t go far.

If you do comply, you’ll spend the rest of your life coasting, because one thing you learn in the Caribbean, if you’re a woman, getting by on your back is a way to reach the top.


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