Sexual Harassment…is there a Line?

Some time ago, I wrote an item about what happened when we tried to pass a law against Sexual Harassment in Jamaica.

Many women objected because, in Jamaica, getting ahead on your back, is how. Some were, as Catherine Deneuve confused about the difference between flirting and harassment.

The idea that women gain success through their connection with men is one of the bastions of oppression. The fact it works, the fact it enables a woman to get ahead is its greatest selling feature.

Just as the actress who lays on the casting couch, gets the big role, so too in other aspects of life. Trading sex for advancement is all too common.

The problem is that it works, and it works in a non-threatening manner.

The aggrieved guy who is passed over and a woman appointed feels better when he’s told that she’s Big Man’s Slam. She didn’t get the job because she was the superior candidate, she got it because she lay down.

Catherine Deneuve and those who joined with her, probably see sexual compliance as their ticket to success.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar