While Professor Pool was Chasing Co-eds – 4

The Campus had students from Bermuda to Guyana. For a Co-ed to tell Professor Pool she was going home for Xmas meant she was leaving the island on which the University was located.

This simple statement was an easy escape from his sexual advances, for Pool was not getting involved with a female who would not be available during Xmas break.

Once he selected his Miss Autumn, women were safe until January. For Professor Pool’s affair would end a few days before Mrs. Pool and the children returned home.

After a ‘family week’ in early January, Prof Pool would begin his next semester’s selections. What he wanted was a female to spend the summer with.

Once Pool knew you were going home for the summer break,  he moved on. Once he settled on his Miss Spring, as long as it wasn’t you, the pressure was off, and should stay off for the rest of your  sojourn.

This is because Prof. Pool and his clones liked his girls ‘fresh’. Once you completed that first year at the University,  you were no longer ‘Fresh’ and should be safe.

Unless you were planning to travel through University on your back, getting grades based on your performance ‘off the pitch’ as it were.


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