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What is Your Purpose, Today?

Are you uncertain about what your purpose is supposed to be? When you take a deep breath, allow your eyes to close and imagine the very best you, what are you doing? For me, the vision never includes golfing but I am walking. The very best me is on an adventure seeking answers to questions that have troubled me and answers to questions I haven’t contemplated yet. The locale for my adventure is different most times I imagine it – sometimes we (yes there is someone else with me (that never changes)) are in a new city (they all feel a bit like Montreal), sometimes we are on a beach, sometimes we are in the mountains. But we are always on an adventure, trying to change the world one step at a time and living a life of laughter and love in the midst of the challenges we encounter.

My uncertainty is intentional because I am not sure my purpose is a fixed point in time or a fixed set of actions. Today my purpose is to help children experience the joy and confidence that comes from reading. Tomorrow’s purpose may be to help clean up after a storm.

I am fortunate that I get to experiment with actions and reflect on how I might have done something different or better. I have created my own contemplation. Is/was the action immediate, relevant and concrete, or at least one of the three? You can use IRC or figure out how you will rate your decisions and what might have been a better approach. My system asks did or was I able to do something immediately (something big or small)? Did the action seem relevant to the issue, challenge, problem? Were the steps I took concrete? Rather than some abstract theory, did I move my hands and feet to make a difference? If I was on the same adventure tomorrow, next week or in 5 years would I choose different tactics? By keeping it that simple I don’t get paralysed by analysis and I don’t get too judgemental about success or failure.

Keep figuring out what your purpose for today is and you will be the very best you ,you can be,



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Written by bob_mcinnis

I believe that you are far more capable than you are given credit for.


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