We are all living in America!

We are living in America! Oh yes true. It’s damn true. Just take a look at the pervasive American pop culture. The sense of ethics or more precisely the lack of it is so pervasive. In previous decades, Europe offered weak resistance against this corporate terrorism, but no anymore. Or, perhaps it’s the rampant greed of American corporate culture that permeates the world today.

Everyone nowadays wants to own more. More cars, more TVs, more smartphones, more appliances, and more debt, more, more . . .

But America does not come cheap! You want the goods, you have to pay, and the price is high indeed. By the time you kick the bucket, or in plain English – end up dead, you will be divorced, be fired from your job, or be on pharmaceuticals. The chances are quite great you will suffer a mental breakdown, have a chronic medical condition and suffer some sort of midlife crisis. Some of your kids will royally screw up their lives. If that was not bad enough, you will go on a talk show and humiliate yourself.

It’s not about the American Dream but being a hamster on a wheel. Once you are on that wheel, it’s nearly impossible to get off. Hope you got a tough pair of running shoes! If you do stop, there might not be any planet left.

It sure is great living in Amerika. We will help you, even if you say no!


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Written by Vin Chauhun

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  1. Middle class has been killed by corporate greed and greed of the people, wanting bigger and more. I have tried living off grid, and it is basically illegal here in so many ways. Our forefathers never wanted us to live this way. Things have changed so much in the last 50 something years I have been here. It takes 3 minimum wage jobs to just rent one bedroom apartment here in my county in Amerika. The land of the free…

  2. Sobering truth that people these days have fallen into the trap of materialism and not being happy what they have like I remember living in the former Canal Zone in Panama which was nice to live in a small town enjoying the challenges of going to school, do my homework and play sports on the side.

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