The Miracle Dream

This morning, when I woke up, I actually remembered my dream, in which I thought was interesting, and it stayed with me throughout the day.

In this dream, I was driving my Beetle on my street, going towards my townhouse. I suddenly noticed that my car is running out of gas. Suddenly, my car stopped, but I was able to park it on the side of the street. I was sitting inside my car, waiting for something or someone because I didn’t know what to do. All of the sudden, something or a voice just tells me to turn on your car engine. I did it, and I noticed that my car started and I was driving it, even though I was out of gas. Since I was only a block from the gas station, I decided to drive there and fill up my tank, even though I was still scared that my car will stop. I drove slowly and cautiously toward the gas station.

I woke up before arrived at the gas station. So, I assume that I made it to the gas station and filled up my car with gas because this dream gave me hope, confidence, strength, and power to take action and move forward toward my destination.

As I typed this post, the song, Anything Can Happen by Glee pops into my head, and it keeps playing over and over again like a broken record for the longest time. I don’t even listen to this song as well as I don’t even know who or what Glee is, but I kept hearing this song in my head for one hour. I decide to go to youtube to look up this song because I don’t even know the words to the song. I am just hearing the words “Anything Can Happen” and a lot of humming inside my head. After listening to the song, a couple of times, on youtube as I read the lyrics, I start to get a positive feeling.

Maybe this dream is trying to prepare me for something that will happen soon. Whatever it is, I hope it is something positive.


What do you think?


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