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Walk to Belgrade and visit the Zoo garden

Robin Biznis Octobar 22.2018 Belgrade

The goal was to visit the Zoo Garden, and the first time we came before we visited Kalemegdan I can read it in my previous post. We arrived in front of the gate a little after 10 pm and we were fourth on the order to buy two cards for adults. The kids already had vouchers from daily newspapers that I bought two days earlier. During the tour, Dusan mostly held back watching the parrots. I was looking for a specific kind of parrot  Cardinal – but it was not in the Belgrade Zoo.

We walked past the rhinoceros and then the children kept their way to the seals pool.Unfortunately, there was only one that tirelessly and incredibly quickly swam. That’s why the shot in the photo is not the best. After that, Dusan finally saw snakes. He snatched snakes that were taken in huge glass cages. Namely, I told him on my birthday that the snakes have two big tooth teeth and that when they bite the victim they poison the victims into the body. It was interesting to him, and he constantly asked me about snakes. And that’s why I took him to see them. He was happy when he had a video teeth.

Dunja were once again interesting monkeys and giraffes. I liked one white albino lioness. She sat motionless under one wall. As it was almost immobile and not noticeable. It is a mimicry, which nature has endowed with nature. After about two hours, because of my pain in the leg, we decided to get out. And then to my astonishment I saw a huge number of people of women, children and a man in wheelchairs waiting for the order.

Daughter, thank you for having done it earlier, because I would be back, I would come to a non-working day, I do not like waiting. We spent a wonderful time this afternoon. I was with my daughter and my grandchildren. Belgrade was bathed in the sun. The children saw Kalemegdan and the fortress and learned a little about his history. Then they visited animals in the Zoo garden. After that, we drove to the Panorama ferry wheel and drove the car carting,We spent nice time till lunch.

Ferry wheel

Some of us were not allowed to drive.

And the view of Belgrade from the bottom is really nice.


He approaches the bowl with a green salad, it's time for lunch.

Deep sleep

Very nice terrarium for this snake.

Sleeps with your mouth open.

Dusan was happy, he saw a snake in his teeth, although he did not see those large eyetooth.

Order for cards in front of the Zoo Gardens gate

A marketing trick. Reject something or lower the price and make traffic.

October 11 German company Lidl has opened 16 stores in Serbia,

In Leskovac, two women bought a chicken purchase. The normal price is around $ 2

Lidl sold for $ 1.19

That's Serbia.

Seal swimming in the pool

For shooting Sneal that swims quickly, you need a professional aperture to adjust the shutter speed.

With these mobile phones you get this picture.

What do you think?

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I am Dragan Čanković aged 65 years. I live in Belgrade, Serbia as a pensioner. On this site, my nickname is as well as on Facebook Robin Biznis.

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